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300 Spartan Halloween Costumes From The Film 300

Many people will recall the film "300" I think and the amazing wardrobe gallantly on display. Why not dress up for Halloween in 300 Spartan costumes whether or not you have the rock hard abs or not? Released a couple of years ago, beginning of 2007 I believe, but I could be off by a few months give or take. So many people were taken by this great film and it so inspired them to want to get Halloween Spartan costumes from the 300 movie.

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Why so popular? The amazing plot of course. The movie fictionalized the story of the warriors of Sparta - 300 of them of course - stopping the mighty Persian army of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, at a narrow pass on the Greek coast.

It's a very stylized imagining and telling of the story, shot with a unique lens that lent the film an other-worldy quality that many fans found appealing (and many cinema afficiandos found to be a joke, but that's an topic for another article on another day).

The film itself, directed by Zack Snyder, was an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. Miller is of course famous for "reinventing" Batman with his 80s series "The Dark Knight," which itself was adapted into a wildly successful eponymous film.

One of the more commented upon issues with the film version of 300 are the 300 costumes. The Spartans are all portrayed as hulking, almost grotesque versions of masculinity. Their abdominal muscles in particular attracted great notice, as they looked quite cartoonish. The reality is that they in fact were cartoonish, as they had been enhanced by computer generated images, or CGI, in post-production. Combine the graphically enhanced abs with the Spartans' uniform - nothing but sandals, a loincloth, a shield and a cape - and you had on your hands 300 costumes that were postively homoerotic. As a result, the gay community in particular took great notice of the film and applauded its glorification of male sexuality as a landmark moment in gay cinema.

There are of course other 300 costumes worty of mention in the film. The Spartan who betrays his fellows to the dastardly Persians is rendered as a grotesque, hunchbacked figure of scorn, ridicule and pity. Even in such a state he is dressed as the fellow Spartans are, even given his own grotesque CGI abs and muscles. The interpretation from the cinema theory community was, of course, immediate and nearly unanimous: Only those fitting the highest ideals of male masculine sexuality could be perceived as honorable and worthy.

Another of the 300 costumes that gained much notice was that of Xerxes, the Persian emperor. Rendered as an impossibly tall demigod of dubious sexuality and gender, Xerxes sported piercings just about everywhere and seemed an affront to the transgender community. All of these made for some serious debate about just what, exactly, the film was trying to get across.

Here's the promo for the movie so you can get a taste of the type of 300 Spartan costume you might like to dress up in.

You can have a real blast at your next office or family Halloween party. Get your spear, sword, and helmet ready you immortal Greek warrior you. Maybe you want to be the exquisite Queen Gorgo and wear your white dress in gold trim. Some claim you better have the physique to pull off wearing these discount Halloween costumes, but I say do it no matter what. In fact, the more out of shape you are, the better and more hilarious the costume will be. On the other hand, if you are in amazing physical condition, then the perfect costume for you might just be the 300 Spartan Halloween costume.
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